Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Story of "Halogen" Part 1

Who (or what) is that pictured above? That's "Halogen." A super hero. You haven't heard of him because he never featured in any comic book or cartoon.

I created him as a 12 year old boy in 1983. That's my first, crude drawing of the character, copied from an issue of "Iron Man" into a spiral notebook. But it was far from the last.
The final time I drew him was in 1989. As I grew up during those six years and grew as an artist, the character evolved, too. Alot. I never even imagined when I did that first drawing, though, that years later "Halogen" would come close to starring in his own comic book, and his arch-nemesis, The Orchid, would see publication. Or that, near the end (but what I thought at the time was just the beginning for "Halogen"), I would meet an aging Jack Kirby and get his input on several pages I had drawn for what was to be the first issue of the "Halogen" comic book.

It's quite a story. About a boy and his super hero. And I'm going to tell it here, in episodes over time. Starting next time.

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