Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Has Died

Almost everyone under the age of 40, I bet, will be surprised and momentarily affected upon hearing the "shocking" news that Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest today in Los Angeles.

And if you watch a Jackson 5 video now, after hearing news of his death, you can't help but wonder what happened to him (fortunate and not) to turn that little boy in the Jackson 5 with that sweet voice into the odd, broken recluse with a carved up face who was dogged in equal measures in recent years by photographers, creditors and allegations of child abuse that just wouldn't go away.

It's tempting to lionize him today. But I bet that some of the more prurient details of his life, which will cast him in a much less sympathetic light, will emerge in the next few days and weeks, now that he's dead and can no longer exert control (financial and otherwise) over those close to him.

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