Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lemonade Stands Tell You Who You Are

While out jogging I passed about a half dozen kids who were each maybe 10 years old. They had set up a curb-side lemonade stand. As I ran by, one young girl called out to me, "would you like to buy....?" Before I could say "no" with a smile, she continued, "we have cupcakes.......and water...." and a clear plastic box with store-bought cupcakes was thrust in my direction.

Wow, I thought to myself: kids today. They couldn't even put out the effort to dump some instant lemonade powder in the water. (Where's the "Country Time" love? Or, in a pinch, that "Crystal Light.") As if reading my mind, a little boy added, "water goes great with cupcakes.....and its healthy!" (Can't argue with that, I guess.)

By that time, though, I had said my smiling "no" with a (let's face it, patronizing) wave. But as I ran past them, I heard one little boy say with a snarl to the girl who first pitched me, "I told you he was a 'no'."

How'd he know that, I wondered, and what does that say about me.....?

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