Saturday, June 20, 2009

Liver Transplant A Professional Re-charge?

According to CNBC, "Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple Inc., received a liver transplant about two months ago but is expected to return to work later this month."

I am happy for Mr. Jobs and his family that he feels well enough again to return to work. But I am also an investor who bought a small amount of Apple stock just weeks before Apple announced abruptly in January that he would be taking a leave of abscence. So, among other things, I have a small stake in the future success of Apple. I can think of a number of highly succesful, famous men who have had liver transplants and lived many years afterward. Mickey Mantle, Larry Hagman, and one of my childhood idols, Evel Knievel (pictured above, before and after), for example. But those names also make me worry for the future of Mr. Jobs and Apple.

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