Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stimulus Spending: Dance Mr. Recession Away

According to a front page article is this morning's Los Angeles Times, "As Obama moves to accelerate the flow of federal stimulus funds, public officials are voicing concerns that some of the projects being devised are of dubious merit....In Minneapolis, the City Council voted recently to spend $2 million in stimulus funds on a vacant 99-year-old theater that developers want to convert into a center for dance. The project would create about 48 permanent jobs, city documents indicate. In the competition for the limited stimulus money, the council awarded less than $300,000 to a company that wants to open a solar-energy-panel manufacturing plant that would create 360 jobs by 2011, according to city records."

The article goes on to say, "Vice President Joe Biden conceded as much, saying earlier this month: 'There are going to be mistakes made. . . . We know some of this money is going to be wasted.'"
It's the unapologetic way that's said......

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