Friday, January 15, 2010

There Ought To Be A Law: Hoarding Pot Pies

I've written here several times before about our need as a nation to confront the staggering rates of obesity in this country as part of any significant reform of our health care system.  But changing eating habits and/or sedentary lifestyles is devilishly hard, even for the motivated (as evidenced by all of the weight loss commercials that blanket television and radio).  And this problem is further complicated by correlations to socioeconomic class. To achieve meaningful results across our population, people would probably have to be forced to change by some sort of government action, backed by stiff penalties for non-compliance and enthusiastic, almost repressive enforcement. But that 'cure' would probably prove to be worse than the 'disease' in the long run, in all sorts of predictable and unforeseeable ways. The elusiveness of a workable solution does not reduce the extent of this chronic problem, however.

A photo posted today on "People of Walmart" blog (which you can view by clicking HERE) has managed to capture, in eye popping fashion, multiple aspects of this problem simultaneously.  (If you look closely, it also calls out for a Reagan-era "catsup as vegetable" joke.)

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