Monday, January 11, 2010

The Authors of "Game Change" Discuss It

I watched the authors of the new book Game Change when they appeared on MSNC this morning to promote it. Their appearance has now been posted online, so I've embedded it below. It's 20 minutes long, but it's very interesting nonetheless because, starting at about the 4 minute mark, the authors begin discussing many of the most intriguing tidbits in the book, one after another.

I thought that the details of how the Clintons handled Hillary's surprising loss in the Iowa Caucuses (starting at about the 5 minute mark) particularly fascinating and insightful. Sarah Palin is discussed at about the 8 minute mark. At the 10 minute mark, they discuss Elizabeth Edwards' volcanic temper and profane dismissiveness. Bill Clinton's unsuccessful courtship of Senator Ted Kennedy's support is discussed at the 13 minute mark. At the 17 minute mark, they discuss concerns among prominent Democrats about the potentially scandalous impact of Bill Clinton's continued womanizing on Hillary's candidacy.

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