Monday, January 11, 2010

Inside the Edwards Campaign (And Scandal)

New York magazine is running a lengthy excerpt today from the new book "Game Change" that I mentioned in my prior post this morning. This excerpt gives an insiders' account of John Edwards' failed 2008 presidential campaign, including his tempestuous relationship with his erratic wife, his repeated denials to his disbelieving, mortified staff that he was carrying on an affair with Reille Hunter, and his personal transformation from down-to-earth nice guy to borderline delusional megalomaniac. You can read it all HERE. (And many thanks to my friend Jeff for pointing this out to me.) Here's a few sentences:

"No one in the Edwardses’ political circle felt anything less than complete sympathy for Elizabeth’s plight. And yet the romance between her and the electorate struck them as ironic nonetheless—because their own relationships with her were so unpleasant that they felt like battered spouses.... She routinely unleashed profanity-laced tirades on conference calls. 'Why the fu*k do you think I’d want to go sit outside a Wal-Mart and hand out leaflets?' she snarled at the schedulers."

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