Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CBS News On Immaterial "Spending Freeze"

Last night the CBS Evening News had a 2 minute segment (embedded below) illustrating how financially immaterial the President's proposed Federal spending freeze really is, since it will not apply to "non-discretionary" spending like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which actually make up a majority of the Federal budget.  

And yet, there is apparently already vocal opposition to even this tepid, dramatically insufficient measure. You can only despair at our apparent collective unwillingness as a nation to confront the unpleasant financial reality that is looming just over the horizon.  A three year spending 'freeze' (not even actual budget cuts) applicable to a mere 13% of the Federal Budget is like the apple sauce that hides the crushed-up aspirin.  If we're already pushing that way when it's offered sweetly and lovingly, just wait until the serving spoon of castor oil is rammed down our throats unceremoniously in a few years' time. ("Stop struggling. It's for your own good. Just swallow!")

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