Monday, January 11, 2010

Explosive New Book On 2008 Campaign

Revelations in a new book on the 2008 presidential campaign called Game Change, which is being released today, have already made a lot of news this past weekend. Most prominently so far, it quotes Senator Harry Reid as saying in 2008 that Obama could win the presidential election because he "has no negro dialect," a remark for which Reid has already now apologized.

The book also details a shocking conversation between Bill Clinton and Senator Ted Kennedy, during which the former President tried to persuade the Senator to endorse his wife, Hillary, by saying, among other things, that "a few years ago this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee." Trying to ingratiate himself with the Senator, Clinton apparently ended one phone call by saying, "I love you," to the quiet amusement of Kennedy.

The book also portrays John Edwards' wife Elizabeth in a surprisingly negative light, at odds with her soft-focus, cancer survivor public persona. She is imperious and demanding with the campaign staff ("unleashing profanity-laced tirades"), and repeatedly belittles her husband, calling him a "hick" and suggesting that he's intellectually inferior to her.

I've embedded below a 3 minute segment on the book from the NBC Nightly News that details a few other revelations (including a scene in which Elizabeth Edwards angrily rends her blouse in an airport while having an argument with her husband about his affairs).

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