Friday, January 8, 2010

Jon Stewart on Peter Orszag Scandal

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart did a 3 minute segment (which I've embedded below) on the public admission yesterday that White House Budget Director Peter Orszag had indeed fathered a child out of wedlock last year with his then girlfriend, an heiress to a shipping fortune, just as they were breaking up "last spring." The birth of that child last November was kept quiet at the time. Just days later, in December 2009, he announced his engagement to ABC News reporter Bianna Golodryga, whom he met last May. As you may have seen, this news about his "love child" sparked a rash of jokes about Orszag's nerdy sex appeal, as well as a number of smiling "where does he find the time?" ruminations. If you watch this segment, be sure to catch Jon Stewart's suggestions about what the acronyms "OMB" and "CBO" may really stand for....

Amid all the jokes on cable news yesterday, I saw very little mention of the fact that the 41-year old Orszag was already a divorced father of two young children. I guess the fact that he now has 3 young children by two other women and intends to marry yet another 31-year old woman whom he met just 6 months ago might risk the image of him as a funny, unlikely lothario, by making him seem more like a callous, self absorbed cad, who may have allowed himself to be consumed by the weird "magnetism" that his position confers on him inside the Beltway.

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