Monday, January 4, 2010

Chris Henry's Fiancee Interviewed; The Tattoo Tell

ESPN aired a brief interview with Chris Henry's fiancee today. You may remember that Henry was a troubled wide receiver for the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals who was killed a few weeks ago when he fell from the bed of a moving pick-up truck that was being driven at the time by his fiancee. Apparently they had argued about expenses for their upcoming wedding and, when she tried to leave in a truck, he hopped in the bed and continued the argument as she sped away.

As you will see if you watch the clip HERE, she affects a Rihanna-like sympathetic demeanor, right down to the haircut. But I made up my mind about her only 30 seconds or so into the interview, when the camera panned behind her to reveal a large neck tattoo by her ear. I could fill in the remaining self-serving ambiguities in her story for myself once I saw that.

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