Friday, January 22, 2010

Betty Broderick Denied Parole

Convicted double murderer Betty Broderick was denied parole today on the grounds that she "was unrepentant and had no insight into what she had done," according to an Associated Press article that you can read HERE.  She reportedly told the parole board, "I had one choice: to shoot them or myself.  I couldn't let them win."

I wrote here yesterday about how Betty shot and killed her ex-husband and his new (much younger) second wife in November 1989. I also embedded an episode of the A&E network's American Justice show that profiled her case.  If you watched that episode, which was filmed many years ago, it's striking how little Betty's unrepentant attitude has apparently changed, even after 16 years of incarceration.  "Hell hath no fury...."  as they say.

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