Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edwards Admits Paternity While Still Hiding

As you may have already heard, John  Edwards finally admitted this morning what we already knew: that he is indeed the father of Rielle Hunter's 2-year old daughter, Quinn. I have embedded below a 5 minute segment from NBC's Today Show this morning about this admission.

Isn't it amazing that John Edwards, who thought himself worthy of being the President of the United States,  is still to this day, two years later, unwilling or unable to appear in person to make this admission, preferring instead to issue a written statement to NBC News, while simultaneously pushing forward a friend of his to answer questions on his behalf.  Among many other things, it seems to show a startling lack of backbone. 

Reporter Lisa Myers explains at the end of this clip that Edwards is not appearing in person because of an ongoing federal investigation into whether he may have broken campaign finance laws. But that's just a lame, fig leaf of an excuse. Edwards would not have put put himself in any further legal jeopardy in that regard by admitting today during an interview (as opposed to the written statement he issued instead) that he is the father of this little girl, and admitting that he had told repeated, bald faced lies in the past when he strenuously denied it was even possible.  Making those admissions in person wouldn't be illegal, just humiliating and humbling, as would having to admit that the birth of this little girl confirms conclusively that he was carrying on this affair with Rielle Hunter after his wife Elizabeth's cancer had recurred, something Edwards had also denied in the strongest possible terms until now.

Even today, he is making this admission under pressure, not voluntarily.  His former campaign aide, Andrew Young, who at first falsely claimed he was the little girl's father to protect Edwards, is reportedly scheduled to appear on ABC's 20/20 program next week to discuss the entire scandal.  Edwards admission today is merely an attempt to preempt that.

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