Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sheila Jackson-Lee On Her Cel Phone During Town Hall Meeting

Have you seen the video taken the other day during a town hall meeting held by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee to discuss health care reform? It has become a You Tube sensation because it shows the congresswoman answering her cel phone (and engaging in a lengthy conversation) while a cancer survivor from the audience is asking her a question. Rude, dismissive, and maybe even a little imperious.

Embedded below is a 7 minute interview about this incident which she did today on CNN. She repeatedly evades the CNN anchor's dogged, direct questions about this matter, and even starts suggesting that the You Tube video may be doctored. To his extreme credit, the CNN anchor persists, despite her repeated attempts to change the subject.

Near the end, she even begins to refer to herself in the third person. That's such a window on the soul.....

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