Monday, August 10, 2009

Details Emerge About "Journalists" Released By North Korea

"Laura Ling, 32, describes herself as a ‘Chinese American’, but a friend said: ‘She was brought up as a true Valley girl. She’s about as Chinese as the cuisine at Chin Chin.’ Laura is said to be the duo’s ‘driving force’. Euna Lee, 36, who had little journalism experience and counted making a yoga video as a career highlight, was her devoted lackey, who reportedly held the video camera as Laura ‘danced around’ on the North Korean side of the border. For Euna, it was her first overseas assignment. The trip was Laura’s second ‘dangerous’ foreign job for Current TV.
"The Mail on Sunday has spoken to a long-time Democratic Party insider, who is a confidant of Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. ‘Laura is sweet but not very street-smart,’ said the insider. ‘She was sent to China to make a routine programme about refugees crossing the border from North Korea but, according to Kim Jong Il’s people, she was walking across the border and leaping about. ‘From everything I have heard about Laura, she is a Valley girl who wanted to play in the big league. I think she did this as a stunt to compete with her sister. Lisa Ling works with people like Oprah. Laura earns peanuts at a network no one has heard of. This was her big chance. "

-From London's Mail On Sunday

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