Saturday, August 29, 2009

DJ AM Found Dead At Home Yesterday

DJ AM, the 36 year old celebrity DJ who survived a highly publicized plane crash just a year ago, was found dead in his $2 million New York City apartment yesterday. Reporedly, drug paraphernalia was found near his body.

That revelation has surprised many because, while he was outspoken about his former addictions to crack and other drugs, he had proudly boasted that he had been sober for 11 years. He had reportedly been working on a new reality television show for MTV where he did interventions with teenage drug addicts. During the 1:45 second promotional clip embedded below, filmed just 1 month ago, he talks about this new show and about the dangers to his own recovery posed by being around drugs and the drug lifestyle. Eerily, it also hows him buying a crack pipe off the street.

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