Thursday, August 27, 2009

KFC's New "Double Down" Sandwich

That's a photo above of Kentucky Fried Chicken's newest sandwich, the "Double Down." And yes, your eyes are correct: the bun is indeed made from two pieces of fried chicken. That's right: fried chicken as bread.

I am the last one to advocate stifling innovation or free enterprise, but the phrase "there ought to be a law..." does spring to mind. (As does, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.")
It's really too bad this sandwich wasn't around before Michael Jackson died. If he really was skeletal and really was having terrible trouble sleeping in the weeks leading to his death, as has been reported, he probably could have had a couple of these "Double Downs" every night instead, rather than the cocktail of sedatives and sleep aids he was allegedly taking. (Though as he did when being administered the Propofol intravenously, it would probably have been prudent for him to have gone ahead and slept on a surgical incontinence pad after eating the Double Downs as well.)

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