Saturday, August 29, 2009

The "Poo Trap"

Have you seen the TV advertisement for the "Poo Trap"? It's a pull-away plastic bag that is designed to be strapped over a dog's rear end. ("The amazing new innovation that eliminates the need of picking up after your dog!")

At one point the narrator explains, "it can get very messy when your dog goes in the house, or on the sidewalk, or even your neighbor's lawn..." Does that mean the makers intend dogs to wear this contraption perpetually, not just during walks (like a baby's diaper)? Well, their website has some FAQs which answer that very question. "When a dog is having diarrhea, or if the owner just doesn't feel like taking the 'PooTrap' off the dog, feel free to keep the 'PooTrap' on the dog." Ah, Poo Trap: for the loving dog owner whose dog either has perpetual diarrhea (perhaps from too much loving attention?), or who just can't be bothered to take it off....

The ad further proclaims, "Your dog will love it, too!" Unless you named your dog "David Carradine," I somehow doubt that. (Also from the FAQs: "Will my dog get used to 'Poo Trap' easily? Of course, they might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, however after 5 to 10 minutes when they are used to it, usually they will start to run happily again.")

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