Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Brown Gets Orange Vest As Punishment

Pop singer Chris Brown was sentenced this afternoon to serve five years probation and more than 1,400 hours in "labor-oriented service" for assaulting his pop star girlfriend, Rihanna.

According to a sworn statement by a Los Angeles Police detective, Brown punched Rihanna numerous times and put her in a head lock, restricting her breathing and causing her to start to lose consciousness. Between bites at her ears and fingers, he apparently also threatened to kill her. And yet despite the visciousness of that attack, he gets to pick up trash on the freeway as a punishment. For reference, that's a photo above of another pop singer, Boy George, picking up trash as part of his punishment for a 2006 criminal conviction in New York.

I wonder what Michael Vick, who just served 18 months in prison for running a dog fighting ring, and Plaxico Burress, who received a two-year sentence yesterday for accidentally shooting himself in the leg, think about that. And what does that say about our society's values...

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