Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Does A "Flatizza" Really Taste Like?

If you, too, feel inundated recently by TV commercials for Subway's new (pizza-esque) 'Flatizza,' and nonetheless became intrigued, almost despite yourself, about what it really tasted like, you might want to watch:
  • THIS favorable 2 minute review on You Tube. ("What's up? What's up, player? You lookin' at me like people can't get their hungry on in the front seat of their car, B?")
  • Or THIS less favorable one ("It's salty, really salty..... I thought it was going to be better.  It's ok. It's salty...")
  • Or THIS review, by a guy who kept pronouncing 'Flatizza' with an oddly distinct, high-pitched "teat" in the middle ("Subway's trying to kick it up a notch, which I think is good news for everybody.... I mean it's not, like, the best pizza in the world, but it's really good for what it is... I could probably eat two or three of these things... Maybe you could get a sandwich and this, you know?  You could kick it up a notch!")

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