Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"E.T." Found In New Mexico Landfill

Have you ever heard the urban legend about how hundreds of thousands of copies of the notoriously risible "E.T." video game cartridge, released by Atari in 1982,  reputed for years to be the worst video game of all time, were allegedly buried secretly by Atari in the New Mexico desert when they didn't sell?

Yesterday the reputed site in Alamogordo was dug up.  Unlike Al Capone's vault (or the search for Jimmy Hoffa), they found what they were looking for.  You can read all about it on CNN here.   I also liked how this article detailed the (amazing) background business decisions made by Atari that led up to this.

Curious what the "worst video game of all time" actually looked like?  You can watch a video posted on You Tube about it HERE.

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