Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Man Exposes Himself At Arby's: Trend?

THIS local news article, about a 30 year old man who apparently exposed himself to an Arby's employee while at their drive thru, got me wondering whether this sort of thing was common at fast food restaurants in general, and at their drive thru windows in particular.  Apparently, it is.

HERE's a story from April 2011 about a 43 year old Delaware man who walked into a McDonald's  in Newark with his fly open.  Oddly, I thought, when he fled he hopped on his motorcycle in the same state of undress, apparently. And HERE's another local news article from 2006,  about a 28 year old man who went through the drive thru at a McDonald's in New Britain, Connecticut with his pants unzipped. And HERE's local news about a similar occurrence at a McDonald's in Pennsylvania in 2011.

And this plague of crime is not limited to McDonald's. (Nor is it exclusively a young man's game.) HERE's a story from December 2013 about a 62 year old man who exposed himself in a KFC/Taco Bell in Georgia. And HERE's yet another local news story from Illinois just a few days ago about a  man who exposed himself illegally at a Taco Bell drive thru.  Twice.

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