Monday, April 14, 2014

Europe's Most Prolific Sperm Donor, "Humanitarian"

Reading THIS profile in the New York Post of a Dutch man who is Europe's most prolific sperm donor, I became increasingly intrigued by the fact that, as I read on, it became clear much of this wasn't being done through traditional clinics.  Instead, he apparently prefers to make his "donations" to individual women directly, the old fashioned way. ("In 2002, he became an independent contractor of sorts... Houben says having sex with him is not required, but he insists it’s the most advisable... Houben charges no money for his services, partly because it’s ­illegal to buy and sell human ­material in the Netherlands and partly because he sees himself as a true humanitarian.")

I was astounded to read that he apparently has no legal documents drawn up regarding any of this. ("He feels protected enough by Dutch law.") But the most bizarre part, I thought, was the description of how he handles things when a woman show up at his house for her scheduled "donation" with her husband in tow. 

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