Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"McLobster" Really Is Real (In Canada)

I just read that for the last several years select McDonald's in parts of Canada have been offering a lobster roll for a limited time each summer called the "McLobster."  When I first saw the name, I was sure it was a joke.  But it's real, apparently.

The company has no plans to offer the McLobster in the United States, however, it has announced. I wonder whether that's because they'd have trouble sourcing lobster in larger quantities, or whether that's because they assume (I suspect rightly) that not many McDonald's customers would really pay $6.75 for a McLobster roll, when they could instead get a familiar cheeseburger for $1.

What does the McLobster actually taste like?  THIS review posted on You Tube by a stereotypically genial Canadian guy ("They gave me an extra straw!") is very enthusiastic, actually.

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