Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In re Sbarro

The pizza chain Sbarro filed for bankruptcy in March, for the second time in three years.

I laughed at the phraseology in THIS analysis, which notes that Quiznos and Sbarro, both of whom are currently in bankruptcy, are each offering "prepackaged cramdown" plans to their creditors, and refers to each of them in the jargon of US bankruptcy law as "melting ice cube companies."

This video below, in which a self-styled fast food reviewer heads enthusiastically to a Sbarro 18 months ago to sample their then highly touted "new and improved" pizza recipe,  may go some way toward explaining Sbarro's latest bankruptcy filing.  At the start of his journey, this reviewer seems genuinely to want to like it, which makes his subsequent on camera review even better, as he hesitantly says of the slice of pepperoni pizza dripping grease on a paper plate in the food court, "this pizza is - not incredible" and, with a wince, "the predominant flavor of the pizza is salt."

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