Monday, April 7, 2014

Apocalypse Now: The Bacon Bowl

The first time I ever saw the TV commercial for the "Perfect Bacon Bowl" (below), it immediately struck me as something that, if civilization crumbled tomorrow, would be regarded on hindsight as an obvious indicator of a decadent society in its twilight.

I also wonder what it implies about us that each box contains two of these.  If you're lounging on your sofa, comfortably wearing your Snuggie while you double fist ice cream sundaes in their own edible bacon bowls, you really are begging the Visigoths to come crashing through your front door.

I definitely would not have predicted, however, that, according to THIS profile of the inventor by CNN, he is a trim man from Utah who is gainfully employed as a research histologist.

It's already sold 2 million units, apparently.  But does it actually work?  Find out HERE.

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