Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spy Jonathan Pollard Predictably Back In The News

Like clockwork, Jonathan Pollard is back in the news once again. Every couple of years public speculation (and political pressure from some quarters) mounts to release the imprisoned American spy, who passed classified documents to Israel (for money) in the early 1980s before getting caught.  Since being imprisoned in the mid-1980s, revisionist historians have, contrary to known facts, turned Pollard in some circles into a sort of 'dual patriot' to both the United States and to Israel, one who should therefore not still be imprisoned, they assert.

Jonathan Pollard is back in the news now because the possibility has been floated that he might be released as part of a broader agreement among Israel and the Palestinians critical to jump-starting peace talks between them.  You can read more about it on CNN HERE.

I wrote previously about Jonathan Pollard in 2012 HERE and in 2010 HERE (a more detailed re-examination of his spying, and subsequent arrest and trial).

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