Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whitney Houston's Body Like Michael Jackson's

While flipping TV channels yesterday, I stumbled on a report about some personal details in Whitney Houston's autopsy.  Her autopsy report was apparently released back in April.  (You can read about it on the ABC News website HERE.)  But some of this was news to me.

In addition to the widely reported details about the indicia of long-term cocaine abuse, the report apparently also noted that Houston wore a wig, had dentures (perhaps as a result of drug abuse), and had had multiple plastic surgeries, including breast implants.

I immediately thought of Michael Jackson, and wondered whether some of the forces that caused him to die as an emaciated, drug-addicted, wig wearing shell of his former self, disfigured by years of plastic surgery, might have been industry-related (and/or tied to our modern 'culture of celebrity') and not just personal demons stemming in part from a lost childhood.

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  1. You need to get your facts straight. Michael was a healthy weight for his size/age. He wasn't emaciated at all. He wore wigs because of the burns he sustained to his scalp in the Pepsi commercial accident.