Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smuggling Heroin In A Burrito

When seeing stories about rampant drug use in America's jails and prisons, I've often wondered how large quantities of drugs get inside.  THIS article in today's Los Angeles Times provides an answer:

"A former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy accused of trying to smuggle a burrito stuffed with heroin into a courthouse lockup was sentenced Monday to two years in jail.

"As undercover sheriff's investigators watched, Marin accepted a bean-and-cheese burrito with about 24 grams of black tar heroin for an inmate at the Los Angeles airport courthouse, where Marin was assigned. The woman who provided the package had been asked by another inmate to deliver the food.

"Marin later told investigators that he intended to give the burrito to the inmate after checking the package and didn't know there were drugs inside. He admitted providing food for the same inmate at least 25 times, court records show."

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