Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Battle Over Thomas Kinkade's Estate

I'd barely heard of the artist Thomas Kinkade before he died a couple of months ago, despite being, "the most commercially successful artist in the world... earning an estimated $100 million a year before his death in April."

But now comes news of the (predictable) battle over his estate. "His mistress has two handwritten notes proving she should be given millions, she says, " according to a 5 minute segment from CBS This Morning  that you can watch HERE.

Kinkade's mistress was banned from his funeral.  His family considers her a 'gold digger.' Doesn't it seem like every time a rich man dies, a mistress comes out of the woodwork hysterically trumpeting promises made to her, only to be dismissed coldly by the family as a crazy, gold digging liar?

I don't expect anyone to make it through that entire 5 minute CBS This Morning video.  But if you did, you would be rewarded by this truly amazing concluding remark about Kinkade by the interviewing CBS journalist. "... which we know, by the way, that he likely and frequently was three sheets to the wind.  We do have to end it there, I'm so sorry.  Thanks so much to both of you."

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