Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rash of Used Cooking Oil Thefts From Fast Food

Because the used cooking oil from the fryers of fast food restaurants is now re-used for biodiesel fuel, and as a key ingredient in poultry feed, it can apparently now be sold for $3 a gallon.  As a result, there's  been a string of thefts in the Washington, D.C. area of the "rancid stuff" by "iron stomached criminals," according to THIS article in the Washington Post today.

This article further states that another reason for the recent price rise is that used cooking oil is apparently also used as pig feed by the Chinese.  So, let me get this straight: the Chinese send us an endless stream of container ships laden with substantially all the manufactured goods we now buy, of all varieties.  And in return we send those same ships back to China with our used french fry grease? That cannot bode well for America...

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