Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods: Out of The Woodwork They Come

When I lived in Del Mar, California at the start of the decade, I heard rumor after rumor about Tiger Woods (who was then an unmarried young man) and the waitresses at upscale bars around town, just a few miles from the Torrey Pines golf course. So it doesn't surpise me at all that tonight a Las Vegas cocktail waitress is coming forward in Us Magazine to allege a long-time affair with Tiger that continued as recetly as this October. You can read the story on TMZ HERE.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Tiger apparently sent her some very racy text messages, at odds with his straight-laced public image. ("Send me something very naughty. Go to the bathroom and [take a picture].")

Tiger doesn't necessarily owe anyone an explanation for what happened at his house on Thanksgiving night last week. But the wages of his continued silence will certainly be the "drip, drip" revelation of other indiscretions, like a grandfather clock marking time until Tiger gives in an makes a live public appearance addressing these issues.

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