Thursday, December 24, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Interview About "In Search Of..."

Embedded below is a recent 6 minute interview with Leonard Nimoy where he discusses his experiences hosting the television program "In Search Of..." in the 1970s, a show that I loved as a kid. He seems to have genuinely enjoyed the experience. ("I was very interested in ESP, hypnosis.") But he also seems to have retained a predictably detached bemusement about it all. ("We did seven years. I thought two or three seasons: max. How many times can you do Bigfoot, hypnosis, alien abductions, ESP?")

Interestingly, his actual involvement in the production of the show was apparently very, very limited. ("I went to very few locations. The show was engineered in such a way that they made very good use of my time. I could shoot the on-camera stuff for five shows in one day.... The next day or two I'd go into the studio and record the narration, and I'm very fast at it. I'd do the narration for five or six shows in a couple of hours.")

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