Thursday, December 17, 2009

Domino's Pizza Tied Worst With Chuck E. Cheese

Research firm Brand Keys ranks Domino's the No. 1 pizza chain overall. But it tied for last place for taste with children's party chain Chuck E. Cheese.

I knew it was pretty mediocre. But on par with Chuck E. Cheese? Wow. The vintage 30 second Chuck E Cheese commercial embedded below gives some insight into their priorities. Pizza is never once mentioned or shown. (The forlorn birthday boy summarizes it well, "some place where the food and fun are all there." Indeed, "food" is available "there.")

Domino's ranked a close 2nd to Pizza Hut in terms of value, and the two shared the top ranking for location and service. Papa John's was No. 1 on taste, apparently. To better compete on taste, Domino's has announced today that it is making its pizza crusts more garlicky, tweaking its tomato sauce and upgrading its cheese, according to Reuters.
For such a dominant chain, there's always been something elusively "different," I've thought, about Domino's pizza crust, and not in a good way. (Unusually puffy and unusually hollow, maybe?) Is more garlic really the answer? (Who hit on that "solution" in their test kitchen? A chef in a Chuck E Cheese costume?) But they might be on to something with the better cheese...


  1. What's that? I couldn't understand the music! Anyway, I think Pizza Hut is better than the others. Seriously. I think we can't ignore that Chuck E. Cheese. development as a new brand.

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