Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keith Olbermann On Tiger Woods Animated Story

By now I'm sure you've seen snippets of those quickie Taiwanese computer animations that purport to portray various "scenes" from the Tiger Woods scandal. Not being a video game fan myself, I thought that they were clunky and sort of stupid, from what little I'd seen. But last night, Keith Olbermann did a sardonic 6 minute segment on his show about them, highlighting their unintentionally funny English-language translations, as well as the Taiwanese animators' "artistic" interpretations of various events and personalities. I really liked this. Since the subject isn't political, it also reminded me of Keith Olbermann's great years anchoring ESPN's Sportscenter with Dan Patrick.

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  1. This thing was his fall. Right now he doesn't have so much sponsors and his wife left him and He isn't doing well in the championship.