Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods: New, Much Dirtier, Revelations

Tiger Woods may be in for real trouble now. The British tabloids have caught the scent of scandal and are on his tail, too. Their new revelations make what's come out so far pale by comparison.
According to The Daily Mail, Tiger also had a 14-month affair in 2006-2007 with a waitress at a Perkins, a Denny's-like restaurant not far from Tiger's home in Windermere, Florida, where he and his wife Elin used to have breakfast regularly. That's her, mistress number 5, Mindy Lawton, in the photo above. (Are you surprised by this photo, too, like the first time you saw Monica Lewinsky?)
According to the Mail, "once the affair between Tiger and Mindy started, it gathered momentum, with the couple meeting at his house for sex every two or three weeks. Incredibly, he continued to have breakfast at Perkins to the point where, Mindy's sister Lynn said: 'Everyone was talking about it because he would wait for Mindy in his Escalade and then she would follow him in her car. He was so brazen it was incredible.'" The article quotes Mindy's sister as saying that Tiger never wore condoms, either.
But wait: there's much more. This article also reveals that in 2007 The National Enquirer had been tipped about this affair and that it tailed Tiger and Mindy to a church parking lot early one morning where they parked and had sex in his Cadillac Escalade SUV. The Enquirer reportedly took photos of this and was set to publish them at that time, when its parent company intervened. After contacting Tiger's "team" to tell them about the photos, Tiger agreed to pose for a cover story in a sister publication, Men's Fitness magazine, if the Enquirer would spike the story, which they did.
This article also names yet another supposed "mistress." That would make six so far. She's a porn star, apparently.
You can read the entire article, which is long and contains many more details, here:
Another British tabloid, The News of the World, has published an in depth interview with Mindy today that includes many salacious details of their nights together, including about their "tryst" in the church parking lot. That article also contains an embedded video of Mindy being interviewed. You can read it here:

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