Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robbers Hold Up A Taco Bell.... For Food

On Monday night at 11:15 PM, three men in a white car pulled up to the drive thru window at a Taco Bell in Charlotte, North Carolina, pointed a handgun at the stunned clerk and demanded... food.  According to a news report about the incident that you can read HERE, the armed robbers were given "fried apple pies" and drove away.

Do you think that's what they really wanted? Apple pie?  From a Taco Bell?  I didn't even know that Taco Bell sold an apple pie.  So I checked out their menu online, and they do indeed offer something called a "caramel apple empanada." What are the chances that these armed robbers shoved that gun in the fast food clerk's face and yelled, "give me all your Caramel Apple Empanadas!! Now!!!"   But if the robbers didn't want empanadas, why'd they settle for that? After all, they had a gun. ("I swear mister, it's store policy.  After 11 PM, we don't keep any pre-made burritos or tacos on hand.  I swear. But we do have these Empanadas...")

If you want to watch a woman who looks a little like Julia Roberts with no make-up on do a 1 minute video review of the Carmel Apple Empanada, you can click HERE.   "If you get a craving for something sweet," she says in a distinct southern accent,  "go through the drive-thru, pick you up a Caramel Apple Empanda, and I don't think you'll be disappointed."  Hmmmm, I don't know....


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