Friday, March 26, 2010

40 Deadliest Fast Food Items

I don't normally like online news articles that are formatted as slideshows (as are so many that rank the best movies or best cars or whatever).  They're usually slow and clunky and I lose patience trying to fight through them to the end.  But this article from The Daily Beast today ranking the 40 deadliest fast food menu items (that you can view HERE) is a surprisingly quick and smooth slideshow. 

They had me with the introduction. "Only in America would Chicken McNuggets and large fries look like health food."  Not surprisingly, the items that top this list have these crazy names like "Baconator Triple" and "BK Quad Stacker" that already imply quite clearly, "Caveat Emptor." But in any event there ought to be a law, I think, that every customer be required to pause for at least "two Mississippis" between the words "Baconator" and "Triple" when ordering. 

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