Tuesday, March 30, 2010

60 Minutes Profiles Flamboyant Russian Oligarch

The NBA's hapless New Jersey Nets won their 4th game in a row last night, their 10th win of the 82 game season, ensuring that they won't go down as the worst team in NBA history after all. Last Sunday night, their soon-to-be new owner, a flamboyant and controversial Russian billionaire named Mikhail Prokhorov, was profiled on the CBS television show 60 Minutes.  

Some wonder whether the NBA would have welcomed the Russian billionaire as a new owner if the league wasn't experiencing severe financial strain, and if the Nets weren't perennial losers. There have been, after all, rumors of his shady business dealings in what 60 Minutes terms "the opaque world of Russian business."  And then there was the infamous incident with the high-end Russian call girls at a French ski resort in 2007.  This is all addressed in this 60 Minutes segment embedded below. "He says he hasn't found a woman who can cook well enough to marry," correspondent Steve Croft explains at one point, "but he seems to be looking in all the wrong places."

I was prepared to scoff at him.  But I actually think he came off very well in this interview.  Much more thoughtful, educated, and intelligent than I expected.

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