Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iggy Pop's Last Ever Stage Dive

I've never been a huge Iggy Pop fan.  I never liked punk music much in general, or his original band The Stooges.  But he's been legendary for decades for his high energy live shows. Even I knew that. Though I hadn't heard much about him in recent years. Once or twice I'd wondered, when I'd hear one of his songs, whether, as he pushed toward Social Security eligibility (he'll be 63 years old  in a few weeks), he was still angrily stalking stages doing his "iguana dance," and theatrically ripping off his shirt mid-set to (predictably) reveal his signature ripped physique.  

Well , Rolling Stone magazine has answered my question today.  Iggy is indeed up to his old tricks onstage, amazingly.  But what's made news now is that when he did his stage dive at a Carnegie Hall concert recently, the audience of aging punk rockers suddenly parted and let him fall to the concrete floor. "Although some people in the front put up their hands to catch Iggy, those in his direct path let him drop, including the gentleman who had been goading Iggy to dive. Once Iggy was airborne, the man, in a total George Costanza move, pulled his arms back and stepped to the side. Others in the first and second row parted like the Red Sea. I screamed, 'Completely uncool!' at the people in front of us as Iggy crashed face-first into a seat."  

You can read the entire article, and see the 30 second video of his dive, HERE.

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