Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And Tiger Woods Is Apparently Cheap, Too

In its next issue, Vanity Fair magazine will be publishing an expose probing deeper into the details of Tiger Woods' relationships with his various mistresses, and the enablers surrounding Tiger who made it all happen.  Vanity Fair has just put selected quotes from the upcoming article on their website, which you can read HERE.  There's some really amazing stuff in there.  The Today show did an 8 minute segment on this article this morning (revealing even more than is on the website), which I've embedded below.  Here's just a small bit of what's revealed:

  • Several mistresses apparently said that Tiger Woods was, according to the article, "exceedingly cheap." One noted that the only meal he ever bought her was a sandwich from Subway.  A chicken wrap, in fact.  Tiger called her from the Subway and asked her what she wanted, she said. 
  • Tiger had apparently become a big money gambler in La Vegas, and was sometimes seen in exclusive VIP lounges there which at times would be occupied by only he and Michael Jordan, each betting up to $30,000 a hand.

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