Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singapore: Nanny State Is No Mary Poppins

The new issue of the Economist magazine out today has an article about how minimal welfare programs are in the city state, which is surprising (or not) because it's one of the richest nations on earth.  There were a number of interesting aspects to this article, I thought, not the least of which were the various laws and programs that the government has put in place in lieu of European/American-style welfare payments. You can view it HERE.  

It reads in part, "The state’s attitude can be simply put: being poor here is your own fault. Citizens are obliged to save for the future, rely on their families and not expect any handouts from the government unless they hit rock bottom. The emphasis on family extends into old age: retired parents can sue children who fail to support them. In government circles 'welfare' remains a dirty word, cousin to sloth and waste. Singapore may be a nanny state, but it is by no means an indulgent nanny."

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