Thursday, February 11, 2010

SHAG's "Lowbrow" Planet of the Apes Art

Yesterday I watched a 1 hour TV documentary on the 'lowbrow' art movement called The Lowdown on Lowbrow. That was a term I'd never heard before. Among the influences on so-called 'lowbrow' art (which is apparently also known by the more formal title "pop surrealism," I learned) are 1950s and 60s "Space Age" culture, television, punk music, tattoos, hod rods and underground comics, to name just a few. While watching this documentary, the only artist whose name I recognized was Robert Williams, and that was only because a painting of his titled "Appetite For Destruction" was used as album artwork on Guns N' Roses' seminal 1987 album of the same name.

But it was the work of another artist named "SHAG" (real name Josh Agle) that most caught my eye.  Some of his pieces feature Planet of the Apes characters, usually in these incongruous 1960s "cocktail culture" settings (like the example above featuring Dr. Zaius).  What's his work like? Well rather than try to describe it further, I've embedded below a 2 minute video montage of his work set to jazz music.  I enjoyed it, but I should warn you that the slide-show images change quickly, and they're just a tad blurry I thought.  I counted 5 works with Planet of the Apes characters.  How many can you find?

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