Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Play "Dog Or Daughter"?

My wife, daughter and I went out for lunch today at this sushi place.  We went there early, so we were the only ones in the whole restaurant at first.  But about 15 minutes later, a middle aged couple arrived and were  promptly seated in the booth directly behind us.  As a result, I could hear their entire conversation.  I'll transcribe a snippet of what the lady said to her male companion below.  As you read it, see if you can tell whether she was talking about her dog, or about her daughter.  (I still don't know myself.)

Lady: "So she vomited all over.  All over the rug.  But I didn't smack her.  Maybe I should have.  But I know the meds she's taking can cause that.  So..."

Man: "Could you clean it up?"

Lady: "Yeah, I did.  I took the rug outside and shook it. I should have made her come outside with me. But when I screamed at her, she just acted like she didn't hear me."

Man: "Is she still sick?"

Lady: "I don't know.  Maybe.  Or maybe she was just faking it.  She's done that before, you know. Remember when she ran away all those times?......" (sigh)

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