Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remake of "V" To Air On ABC In November

I'm not a big science fiction fan. While I'll go see the occasional summer blockbuster like "I am Legend," I never watched the various "Star Trek" series on television (nor any "Serenity," or "Stargate SG-1," or anything else). But as a kid I did watch with rapt attention the original "V" miniseries on NBC back in 1983, and remember even now the national sensation caused by the initial revelation that the "visitors" were actually reptilian, not human, and that they had really come to harvest the Earth's population as food.

I was reading a magazine yesterday and saw an ad for a new remake of the "V" miniseries that will air on ABC in a couple of weeks. The 3 minute preview posted on didn't do much for me, to be honest. But in case you're curious about it as well, because you too remember all the commotion caused by the original 1980s version, here it is:

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