Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bungee Jump Gone Bad

I've always been skeptical about the safety of bungee jumping (or base jumping for that matter), especially in third world countries. I've seen a lot of that offered at resort cities throughout Southeast Asia, for example, and always arched an eyebrow at all the western tourists standing in line to participate.

Embedded below is a 3 minute video of every bungee jumper's worst fears realized. A British tourist was bungee jumping recently in Thailand and plunged 165 feet after the bungee cord slipped off his ankle. He survived, despite having suffered two collapsed lungs, a torn liver and a ruptured spleen, though only after spending a month in a Thai hospital recovering from his injuries. The clip embedded below begins with video of his failed jump (apparently this is the "souvenir video" taken by the bungee jump company itself, which he had paid for before his ill-fated leap). After that, he's interviewed by phone. At the end of this interview, he's asked the perfunctory (I thought) question, "would you ever bungee jump again?" I did not expect his reply.

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