Thursday, October 8, 2009

David Letterman: And It Gets Worse (For Him)

Predictably, further revelations about the David Letterman extortion scandal continue to dribble out. First the "New York Daily News" reported that Letterman may have maintained some sort of a secret bedroom above the Ed Sullivan Theater dubbed "The Bunker," into which no one but favored female staffers were reportedly ever allowed. Now comes the suggestion that the extortionist, Joe Halderman, may have been motived by more than money. According to this 5 minute clip embedded below from the "Today" show, he may have been spurred to action not by his financial troubles, but rather by anger at having seen Letterman and Halderman's live-in girlfriend, Stephanie Burkitt, surreptitiously "making out" near Halderman's home in August, just two months ago. This report also states that NBC News has learned that Burkitt has now been placed on paid administrative leave.

The "National Enquirer" is also reporting that Letterman and his wife may now already be engaged in a bitter, multi-hundred million dollar divorce battle, and that she has not been amused by his continued discussion about the matter on his show.

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