Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mount St. Helens Eruption Souvenirs

Mount St. Helens in Washington state famously erupted on this date back in 1980, killing 57 people. I mostly remember the event, however, for the torrent of merchandising that followed in its wake across the country.  For reasons I found as inexplicable then as I do now, this spectacular, if tragic, natural phenomenon somehow morphed within days into a sort of national obsession, at least for a time. I remember having a little bottle of 'souvenir' volcanic ash like the ones pictured above myself. I also remember seeing the t-shirts everywhere, too.  But who would hang a pennant on their bedroom wall commemorating a volcanic eruption that killed over 50 people?  That's the power of fads, I guess.


  1. i am doing a school project on mt st helens any help xxx?

  2. same, but this website is bad, here is a skeleton and you get the skin,
    page 1-intro where is it based when did it happen
    page 2-contents
    page 3- plate tectonics
    page 4- lead up to the eruption
    page 5- eruption
    page 6- short and long term effects
    page 7- conclusion

  3. This helps alot because of this i .....
    1) understand how a volcanic eruption happens
    2)And helped me write my essay on Mt.St.Helens