Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Fergie" Sells Access To Prince Andrew For £500K

Have you seen the news that the Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of England's Prince Andrew, has just been caught in a sting by a British tabloid accepting cash in exchange for access to her former (and unsuspecting) husband? 

The News of the World is published once a week and is the most popular newspaper in Britain.  When I lived in London years ago I would buy it each Sunday morning along with the Sunday Times.   You can imagine which paper my wife and I would both reach for first after I got home.  The News of the World is notorious for its ability to ensnare the rich and famous in these types of embarrassing (and sometimes criminal) hidden camera stings. 

You can watch an amazing 4 minute clip of Sarah Ferguson negotiating this dirty deal in a London hotel by clicking HERE.  Cigarette in one hand and a wine glass in the other, the Dutchess is clearly a long way from her days pitching Weight Watchers on TV here in the United States.  In one such clip from the Today show in 2006 (which you can see HERE), Fergie says to Al Roker with a smile at the start,  "I wake up and it's a bad day and I think, 'reach for the cookie jar.'  And Weight Watchers say 'no.'"  

I bet that she's grabbing for some cookies this morning.

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